How To Protect Your Child On Internet

How To Protect Your Child On Internet

There are high chances that your child is using internet and don’t have a good idea about the dangers it can possess. Most parents teach their child that they should not talk to strangers online and should not spend long hours on the internet. But how parents can make sure their child does what their parents say without taking any forceful steps? Parents sure have to play a role and get involved with their kids. As a responsible parents, you should know all the activities your child perform whether offline or online. Here are some tips to make internet safe place for your child.

Internet Safety Tips for Kids and Teens

Keep the computer in a central spot, where it’s easy to monitor its use. “We have five computers in our house, but only two — mine and the PC in the family room — are hooked up to the Internet. he most important element of the contract is a promise made to not disclose personal information. Keep the computer in a high-traffic area of your home. Never post your personal information, such as a cell phone number, home number, home address, or your location on any social networking site or through mobile apps like Snapchat or Instagram. That way, I can frequently check up on what they’re looking at.
Phrase this message in a way that your child understands, using language such as: “I will not give out personal information, such as my home address, phone number, or the name of my school without my parents’ permission.”

Know that location is key

Mid to late teens need to remember that everything they do over the web is captured forever and could come back to haunt them. Establish limits for which online sites children may visit and for how long. Never meet in person with anyone you first “met” on the internet. My goal was to demystify some of the tired old Internet safety myths and help students understand how to distinguish what are more and less likely risks and manage the risks that do exist. Many employers and university admissions offices look at social media profiles when researching candidates.

What to Include in your Family Internet Safety Contract?
Remember that Internet technology can be mobile, so make sure to monitor cell phones, gaming devices, and laptops. If someone asks to meet you, tell your parents or guardian right away. The lecture was also designed to emphasize students rights as well as responsibilities and to explore the importance of media literacy. Even the most advanced software is not foolproof. Some people may not be who they say they are.

Teens can guess and find passwords, or even find a way to disable the program or get around it if they have the computer knowledge. So if the World Wide Web feels more like a spider’s web, or you need impartial, parent-friendly advice on the best protection software and gadgets, then why not click Child Internet Safety Hub to view our latest tips, hints, articles and stories – all brought to you with a little help from our friends. Although these programs can be helpful in preventing accidental or unwanted exposure to the things you are filtering out; remember that you can’t be with them 24 hours a day, seven days a week. What can be with them is the knowledge and reassurance that you provide them as an understanding, informed, and involved parent.

Threat to your child
Children and young people inadvertently or deliberately accessing either illegal or inappropriate sexual or violent material – illegal material could involve children or adults. Using strong email passwords and protect them. Keep your desktop computer in a family area, or make sure your child uses tablets, phones and hand-held devices where you can see her. Targeting and grooming of children by predatory adults through chat rooms, possibly adults posing as children The longer the password, the harder it is to crack.

If possible, avoid online activity in a study or bedroom. Personal information, your login name, common words, or adjacent keys on the keyboard are not safe passwords. This helps you keep an eye on how long your child is online as well as what websites she’s visiting. Kids can protect their passwords by not sharing them with anyone, including their friends.

Cyber bullying
Cyberbullying is bullying that takes place using electronic technology. Facebook friends who post something annoying, inappropriate, inaccurate, or upsetting. With the increase of social networking sites, online activity and messaging apps, cyberbullying is on the increase. It isn’t when adult are trying to lure children into offline meetings, that is called sexual exploitation or luring by a sexual predator. Electronic technology includes devices and equipment such as cell phones, computers, and tablets as well as communication tools including social media sites, text messages, chat, and websites.

It could just be accidentally misspelled words or misused vocabulary. In a survey by Ditch the Label, 47% of young people who took the survey have received nasty profile comments and 62% have been sent nasty private messages via smartphone apps. But sometimes when a minor starts a cyberbullying campaign it involves sexual predators who are intrigued by the sexual harassment or even ads posted by the cyberbullying offering up the victim for sex. Or debating whether slaves helped to build the White House. This is very worrying as it shows how cyber bullying is on the increase. Or it could be something much worse. Sometimes these posts stem from carelessness, naiveté, or ignorance.

Top Activities For Your Kid That Will Keep They Fit

Everybody knows that small kids have lots of energy reserves when it comes to play games they enjoy. You will find many kids that tend to keep on playing for whole day, especially when there is no one to stop them from playing. For this reason, many toy companies have decided to manufacture toys and fitness equipment that would take advantage of  your child’s immense energy reserves. These equipment channel the energy that child posses into activities that promote balance, flexibility, and motor skills. By doing so, the child’s energy would be utilized more efficiently and into activities that would help him improve his core strength. Each fitness equipment would have its separate section in this article.


Spooner board

A Spooner board is a balance board that is made from a durable plastic material. This fitness equipment can be used by both children and adults alike because of the great core workout that it provides. It does this by having a dented surface that looks like the letter U. Users will place their feet at the opposite ends of the board and would then have to balance themselves so that they will not fall. The board can also be used like a skateboard where users are able to flip and do tricks on the board.

wobble deck

A wobble deck is another type of board that comes in either an electronic or a non-electronic version. This board has a circular shape with several end points that each have a designated logo. It also has a dome base so that users are required to balance on it in order to play the game. To play the game, users are required to stand on the center of the equipment and then tilt the deck in the direction of the logo that is called out by a person or by the board. The player who lasts the longest on the board wins.

Rocker Board

From the name itself, rocker boards are boards that are designed to rock back and forth similar to the motion of a rocking chair. They do this by having four circular points of contact on the ground. This nature of the rocker board makes it ideal for use by both children and elderly people since it does not take much effort to balance on this board. However, this also means that it provides a less intense core workout. Still, it is better for elderly people to use this board since they can stay on top of this board for longer periods of time.

There are many balance board kids out there in the market today. It is important to understand the differences between the different balance boards so that the appropriate one would be purchased. Additionally, different balance boards come with their own set of instructions and game play. It is best that parents consult first with their children regarding the balance board that they want so that they will have the highest level of fun when using the balance board. Some important aspects to look out for in balance boards include material, game play, and durability.

Arts and crafts

Whether you’re an arts and craft pro or come out in a rash at the site of glitter and glue, we’ve got heaps of inspiration and how-tos for you here. How do you keep your kids busy on a rainy day? Squirt guns plus paint—need we say more? Take advantage of a warm summer evening by bathing your baby (and older siblings if they’re game!) outdoors. From pictures to colour in to toy basket ideas for babies, we’ve got something for every age and stage.

Squirt Gun Painting

Can you amuse a large group of children? What kid wouldn’t love an activity that involves these two staples of childhood? Fill a kiddie pool with water, bath toys, and bubbles and turn a chore into a delight. What about noisy activities for boisterous, bored kids? Fireflies and Mudpies shows you how to set up a summer fun sure thing. Card games, party games, quiet activities, energetic activities, indoor games, thinking games and outdoor activities – we have them all! They even include tips for how to make your squirt gun painting session go off without a hitch. We have tried to organize this section so that it is easy for you to find an idea for every occasion, and we are adding new games and activities constantly.

Backyard bath

Have a fun playtime with all your child’s favorite stuffed animals! Stuff for toddlers to do. Many of these activities for toddlers can be done by older and younger toddlers together, but you have to know your child’s abilities. Teach your baby fun games and activities to play that are simple and enjoyable for baby and you. Just simply put them in an empty bathtub and let them play.

More than exploring, and not arts or crafts but an activity with an intended purpose. There is such a wide range of developmental abilities in the toddler age group. Nursery rhymes are also a fun way to teach your children about music, rhyme and language. My kids played for a long time using their imagination. But one that a toddler can definitely do and do well.

Each of my children have shown different strengths and accomplishments at different ages. Teach your kids the lyrics to your favourite nursery rhymes and they’ll remember them forever. They pretended they were on Noah’s ark during the flood. These toddler toys make are versatile to use in many activities and worth having! These affiliate links are to products to help make the toddler years easier and more fun.

Baby Shower Menu Ideas

Baby shower is a very special occasion for a pregnant woman. It is a time you can spend a fun night full of events with your friends and share the excitement and apprehension of the new twist that your life will take. If this is the first time are organizing or have many, get the food right baby shower is an important step. You want everything to be perfect in your shower party. And no one to blame. Is the celebration for the first time to the person waiting in your life from this point: You just want everything to be perfect.

baby-shower-615x427Baby shower menu is always the number one concern of the list. What is the best food and drink to serve at a shower anyway? If you will host this party, there are several things you need to plan like baby shower favors or baby shower decorations. This usually includes the place, time, visitors, themes, decorations, etc. One of the things you need to consider would be food. There are a number of baby shower recipes that you may want to consider to make your party unforgettable. Finger foods a great way to snack and get the mood going into a baby shower.

The best part about finger foods is that customers do not need silverware and plates of them, giving them ample amount of time to talk comfortably while eating. If you have prepared food for parties in the past, then you are more than halfway. The main thing to remember is that the food at this party should be easy for guests to snack on “mixed”, while. This means that small sandwiches, snacks and things like nuts and chips. Of course, you want the food and drinks to be easy to prepare, not economic, despite the fun and flavor! You want everything to be in good taste.

Baby Shower Planning

When planning, you must consider many things, like how many people are coming, what time is your baby shower, what is your theme for your shower party, it is the people who come to celebrate with you, ” how much time is left and whether they will have much help with this preparation.


If you are hosting a baby shower and you want to brunch, not obsessed with it that much. Make your menu brunch baby shower quick and easy. There are many easy menus that can leave much time for other arrangements. There are so many delicious recipes to choose from! So take it easy, relax and enjoy, we have you covered. You can enjoy your party and your guests and all the wonderful baby gifts or baby gift baskets you will receive! Another option is to provide a meal feel they can be handled with elegance or made into a simple barbecue in the backyard.

Lunch Menu For Baby Shower

It is important to note the time of day you are hosting the shower, the shower theme and style, the size of the shower and the guest list. Depending on where you are hosting the party a buffet would be a good idea. If you can have a sit-down meal, then you can keep the same grounds and simply divide the food among the tables. Sitting at a table to eat is always much more comfortable, especially if you keep the mom-to-be and his guts in it! There is much more you can do for a brunch that bacon and eggs. Why not go to a cool menu? This limits their food preparation in the day to put all food.

Creating menu planner can help you stay organized and ensure you remember all the details on the menu. List all items you need to buy at the grocery store and menu items list can prepare a head of time. The bread, sausages and cheese form the basis of their food. This is compounded by the widest variety of fresh fruit and yogurt as possible. You will be surprised how delicious brunch menu as a baby shower is, even though it sounds so simple!