What is Colic? and Anti Colic Bottles for Babies

A Colicky Baby is very difficult to handle. A newborn baby that suffers from colic will cry a lot and sometimes cough a lot as well. This can be extremely stressful for the parents and also for the baby. The good news, though, is that there is a way to treat this and naturally, too! Those who want to more should read on because this article will entirely focus on what colic is.

What is Colic

It’s a baby that suffers from colic, which is due to an imbalance in the baby’s immune system. This can cause all sorts of symptoms and most of them deal with the digestive system, such as gas, wind, constipation, reflux, and indigestion. This is why so many parents feel that it is a problem within a baby’s digestive system but that simply isn’t true. It all stems from the baby’s nervous system. That being said, most parents just treat the symptoms but don’t really get to the root of the problem in order to make it fully go away.


How does one help a Colicky Baby?
Well, the best way to help a baby suffering from colic is to try to reduce the amount of stress the baby goes through on a regular basis. A baby with colic experiences stress simply because of the imbalance of the nervous system and that needs to be dealt with right away in order to make the baby’s day as less stressful as possible. One may think that a massage would be a great way to take care of this problem but that won’t solve anything at all.

There are also bottles which are designed to help prevent colic in babies. Many baby bottle manufacturer nowadays design latest anti colic bottles that can help safety and usability concerns. You can buy top anti colic bottles in UK, to prevent or at least reduce the suffering of your baby.

The answer to this problem is the Bowen Technique. Baby Bowen is a method that has proven to be very effective when trying to help a Colicky Baby. It involves only five moves that are all easy to learn and that means that anybody can treat their own baby with only a small amount of time being instructed. It will help a baby that is suffering from colic while also promoting healthy sleep patterns, which makes the baby happier and healthier in the long run!

Colic Baby Treatment

Having a baby is sometimes tougher than it should be and that is especially true for those who have a Colicky Baby. This is a baby that tends to cry a lot because he or she suffers from colic. This is something that a lot of parents have put up with over the years but the good news is that there is a way for parents to take care of this problem naturally.

Anti Colic Bottles in UKIn order to help the Colicky Baby it’s important to understand what causes colic because, after all, it’s hard to treat something when one doesn’t know what causes it. Well, mostly gas, wind, reflux, constipation, and indigestion causes colic. However, what really causes colic is problems within the nervous system because he baby cannot balance very well and that causes the baby to be stressed and to go through a lot of anxiety. This stress and anxiety is what can cause the whole digestive system to start causing problems.

Now, many people try to help their Colicky Baby by giving him or her natural remedies that are designed to calm the stomach down, which gets rid of the gas and wind problem. Some of the main ingredients in these natural remedies include peppermint and ginger, which can help the baby not feel bloated. This is a great way to treat some of the symptoms of colic, however, there is a problem with these remedies. The problem is that they don’t really solve the problem because they only reduce the symptoms. That being said, it’s important to attack the main source of colic and that goes back to stress!

Many people may think that massages would be great in order to make a baby’s day less stressful but that isn’t true. The best way to help a baby be less stressed is to use the Bowen Technique, or Baby Bowen. It’s a method that is extremely effective and will help solve colic and keep the baby from crying all day. Also, it helps a baby develop good sleep patterns, which makes the baby healthier!

Buying a Anti Colic Bottle

When buying a Tommee Tippee baby bottle, consumers can use a baby’s age to help them select an appropriate size. The mouth plays a key role in the healthy overall development of your child. I wouldn’t have thought a bottle could have made so much difference but they have, they are a bit of a pain to assemble and they can leak if you agitate them too much, you cant shake them up,I have bought some of the screw caps as extra to put on the bottles for when I am out and about to avoid the leakage, I use a spoon to stir the formula, having said all that they are still fab and well worth the money, I can feed my LO without having a break to wind her now coz she takes no air in at all whilst drinking her milk, I also use Colief which I think is great and put gripe water in her bottle also. To start, buy or register for a small selection of bottles and nipples – either a few different bottle and nipple combinations or 2 different brands of newborn starter sets. Newborns may need a smaller bottle because they often eat less than infants and toddlers, so shoppers can buy a 4- or 5-ounce product.

  • Breathing, eating, sensory perception – all these things require perfect coordination between the jaw, tongue and lips.
  • Standard, wide or angled?
  • Ask friends which brands they recommend, and check reviews online.
  • A 9-ounce bottle can be a popular choice for infants and toddlers.
  • Breastfeeding is the perfect training for this from birth onwards.
  • Standard are easy to fill.

To make it easier to transition a breastfed baby to a bottle, manufacturers have designed various types of bottles and nipples to mimic the feel of nursing. Parents can use a bottle’s measurements to help them determine that they are adding the correct amount of formula or breast milk. At its mother’s breast, a baby learns to coordinate the movements, to strengthen its muscles and to prepare its mouth for the tasks to come – teething, chewing and, last but not least, speaking. Wide-shaped feel the most natural… more like mom (great if you plan to breast- & bottle-feed). Opt for angled bottles for semi-upright feeding.

Again, you may have to try a few to find one that works for your baby. Measurements are often located along the side of the bottle, and colorless stamps are usually easier to read than measurements in colorful print if the baby bottle contains liquid. It’s not necessary, but some little ones prefer their meals heated. If you choose to breastfeed, you’ll want to start by picking the right pump and accessories for your needs. Wide-neck, angled, vented, silicone, glass—baby bottles now come in plenty of helpful varieties.

Feeding baby is a great opportunity for dads to bond with their baby and take over some of the workload from mom so she can rest. No need to buy a warmer: Just fill a large glass measuring cup or a small saucepan with hot water, and submerge the bottle for a minute or two. “Never heat a bottle in a microwave,” Dr. Breastfeeding moms often pump and bottle-feed, which also lets dads share the experience. Some new bottle and nipple styles even mimic the shape and squishiness of the breast, for an experience that echoes breastfeeding. Cradling baby and making eye contact while holding a bottle brings baby and dad together in a fashion that is similar to a breastfeeding mom allowing their relationship to grow.

Landau advises. “Doing so creates hot spots that can burn Baby’s mouth.” Zapping breast milk can also destroy proteins and vitamins that are important to your sweetie’s health. Newborns eat every two to three hours—that can mean lots of bottles! The disposable inserts may not be great for the environment, and the bottles are usually more expensive than regular plastic or glass. Polypropylene, the hard plastic typically used in bottles, is lightweight and virtually unbreakable but can wear out faster. Do your research ahead of time, but don’t invest in a bunch until you’ve tried out a few favorites with baby, who’ll definitely have an opinion.

You also need to have a supply of liners, which can be costly. After health concerns rose a few years ago, plastic bottles are now required to be free of a chemical called bisphenol A (BPA). So while any bottle currently on the market should be BPA-free, it’s best to pass on any hand-me-downs from before 2012. Which kind should you choose? If you ask a mom what it was like to have a baby with colic, she might say she cried as much as he did, and he didn’t stop crying (except to sleep) for almost four months. Ask for advice from friends, family, or your baby’s pediatrician.

Or she’ll say it was exhausting and stressful and just so hard. Experiment. Because it’s supposed to be a special time. Try a few and see which you and your baby like best. So you can imagine why the mom of a colicky baby might embrace a bottle that claims to reduce colic. Once you pick a specific bottle, buy at least a dozen of them. And moms who even get a taste of an inconsolable baby who has gas, spit-up, or night-time fussiness might also be drawn to these bottles, many with venting systems designed to ease gas and spit-up as well as the symptoms of colic by reducing the amount of air that gets into your baby’s tummy through milk or formula. Even if you’ll be breastfeeding, you may want some extra baby bottles for pumped breast milk storage.


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